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I have been connecting Financials

to organisations for more than

10 years by means of thorough
search and in-depth interviews.

Want to know more?

I have been connecting Financials to organisations for more than10 years by means of thorough search and in-dept interviews.

Want to know more?

What I do

I have been connecting Financials to organisations for more than 10 years now, by means of thorough search and in-depth interviews. I have also been working with outstanding interim managers for many years and therefore I have gained a good insight in their added value.


I have challenging conversations with Financials on a daily basis to help with their next career step or interim assignment. I enjoy staying in touch to establish long term relationships.

My goal for clients is, of course, to present the “best People for Finance”.

I am specialized in (interim) Finance and my areas of expertise are on openings related to:

CFO/Management, Change Management, Business Control, IT Control, Accounting, HQ Accounting, Regulatory Reporting, Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit

Finally, in cooperation with certified coaches, I developed and carry out a team development programme on the tennis court.

Looking for Inspiration?

For whom


For Interim Managers

Your competences are making the difference. That’s why I ask you, for example, about your skills to realise change in a highly sensitive setting. I look for the leadership style that matches you – your strengths and weaknesses, values and beliefs, personality and talents. When I have a thorough grasp how you work to achieve results I can, proactively, find matching interim assignments.

For Financials

For current vacancies and upcoming openings I’d like to fully understand your personality, competences and ambition. My experience with listed companies, start – and scale ups can help you find out which kind of organisation would be the best match for you.

For clients

I will analyze an organisation and give advice about team settings and team development. My finance background at Delta Lloyd Group and ABN AMRO Verzekeringen helps me to understand the finance requirements. I have a lot of experience in accentuating the desired competences of a job profile. I am able to present the best match because I continuously invest in my network and I have long-term experience with interim managers.


I have been connecting financials with organisations since 2008. I have developed my own professional style in matching the ‘best people for finance’. My previous experiences at Delta Lloyd Group en ABN AMRO Verzekeringen are also helpful in understanding finance.

My drive is supporting careers and having inspiring conversations, over many coffees ;)-.I keep searching and digging to select the best financials. Coaching during assignments and procedures gives me a lot of energy. It keeps me learning!

The establishment of long-term relations is the nicest part of my business. The friendships and personal conversations are valuable to me.

Finally, as expected, I like to be on the tennis court. I have been a KNLTB qualified Tennis Coach since 2012 and use tennis in my team development programmes.

Looking for Inspiration?

For example:

  • If you consider starting as a ZZP interim manager?
  • How to get your first interim assignment?
  • How to achieve the next level in assignments rather than similar assignments
  • The possibilities for your next career step, for example in a different line of industry?
  • How to improve your interview skills or presentation of your CV?
  • Which challenges your team is facing in order to be a successful team?
  • Why team development on the tennis court will help to create a successful team?
  • Where to find the best places for coffee and lunches in the WTC-area in Amsterdam?

I’d love to get in touch,

you can reach me on:

Auke Walsma
+31 6 42 10 15 65

Radioweg 17
1098 NE Amsterdam

People for Finance
KvK: 54500532
BTW: NL001593252B24